The state of AR

September 2020

The Digital-Shift event about augmented reality (AR) was held at Hinderling Volkart. Augmented reality is the third wave of personal computing. With a head-up display, information can be displayed anywhere in the world. The integrated sensors make the display context-aware and it understands the environment. Such a device merges the real and the digital world.

In the industrial sector, AR seems to be leaving the “trough of disillusionment” of the hype cycle. AR could help us to communicate and work together more directly instead of always mediated through a screen – be it a computer or mobile device.

At the Event Marc Pollefeys (ETH Mixed Reality Lab) gave us an insight into how HoloLens works. Reto Senn (Bitforge) showed us business use cases of Augmented Reality while Elias Remele (Netcetera) explained why companies invest into AR. Urs Bucher, (Netcentric) moderated the evening.
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